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The act or an instance of finishing or improving by small changes, corrections, or additions.
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Raabe's touchup products consist of ready-to-apply paints that closely match original equipment coatings and are used to repair the surfaces of industrial and commercial products along all points of the supply chain.
MFR-2200 Series is for production hand soldering, touchup and SMD rework.
In Florida, one pool with Pebble-Tec on the inside has gone 24 years without needing a touchup, Benton says.
The secret to success for any touchup blue is in the preparation of the surface.
Field tests are said to have shown a significant increase in the number of heats before touchup, while not sacrificing tool cleanliness, according to the company.
The new items include Correct & Cover Duo, a two-in-one touchup tool that has a concealer "bullet" on one end and a creamy liquid concealer on the other.
Field tests have shown as much as a 30% increase in the number of heats before touchup, while not sacrificing lubricity or the cleanliness of the tool.
No manual touchup was required after bonding, and the process output, with zero observable failures, was superior to the historical bond failure rate of up to 5% with new parts.
Makeover TooLs, such as the Thinify and Eye Drop, allow for touchups.
This technology is said to provide excellent release ease and extends periods between spray touchups, according to the manufacturer.
Consumers do two types of cleaning and buy separate products for quick touchups and heavy deep-cleaning, and X-14 has items for both needs.