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Material, such as decayed wood, that is used as tinder; punk.

[From its being easy to ignite.]


something, esp dry wood or fungus material such as amadou, used as tinder
[C16: touch (in the sense: to kindle) + wood1]



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Noun1.touchwood - material for starting a firetouchwood - material for starting a fire  
igniter, ignitor, lighter - a substance used to ignite or kindle a fire
agaric de chêneamadouvier
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and your mother, who was a prudent woman as dry as a chip, just dwindled away like touchwood after you and Judy were born--you are an old pig.
Kids can get to meet police pup Chase and bulldog builder Rubble at Touchwood Shopping Centre in Solihull.
AMERICAN descendants of the Griswold family who helped to settle and construct Solihull in the 15th century have criticised part of the Touchwood shopping centre extension.
HERE'S your chance to win tickets to an exclusive VIP screening of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice at Touchwood, Solihull.
I AM much alarmed at the plans to extend Touchwood shopping centre because of the damage it will do to the Conservation Area and the major inconvenience to the aged and disabled.
Touchwood Investments, the financially distressed forestry management firm, has filed a statement with the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) on Monday to clarify on the company s position at present related to some reports in the media.
Rummaging through old Sydney Hobart race files recently I came across a photo and then a story I had written about the Brooker family who competed en masse in the 1978 race about their yacht Touchwood.
According to Brent Clegg, Director of Touchwood the "local" Agarwood industry is "whopping" and his output of tress farmed in Thailand will be targeting the Arabian market.
Within 24 hours of the seven-year-old's arrival from Ireland at Pat Rosney's Warrington range in Cheshire, his son Touchwood Gent won the pounds 10,000 Coral Champion Stakes with a brilliant display of early pace and stamina.
Touchwood Shopping Centre is celebrating 15 years in Solihull this autumn and is inviting guests to raise a glass to the centre, and enjoy a refreshing drink at its exclusive Prosecco bar.
DEAR Editor, I am very alarmed at the plans to extend Solihull's Touchwood shopping centre, because of the damage it will do to the Conservation Area and the major inconvenience to the aged and disabled.
THE expansion of Solihull's Touchwood shopping centre has moved a step closer after a planning application was lodged this week.