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Noun1.toupe - a small hairpiece to cover partial baldnesstoupe - a small hairpiece to cover partial baldness
false hair, hairpiece, postiche - a covering or bunch of human or artificial hair used for disguise or adornment
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on some I'm not keen That 'barcarolle' is just not for meI sing my heart out for Nellie Dean My next chap wore Lycra corsetry But a blue glass eye so bright He also favoured a black toupe And removed 'em all at night His teeth, he dropped into a glass In dismay I really fled There was more of him upon them drawers Than there was upon that bed You'll twig by now I'm a fussy old girl But with an open mind for sure One word out of place And their feet are out that door It comes down to the heart of it Regarding things romantic I'm better off singing by myself Than an out-of-tune fanatic So I've learned to play an accordion Even that's all push and shove But I'm more at home squeezing that old thing Than the effort of seeking love
Bob wants to defend his title of Toupe Wearer Of The Year, but the house rat has stolen his wig.
That sparked rumours that he has invested in a very good toupe or had a hair transplant.
He had been with the Houftons at Sittingbourne for a British breeding festival the night when, back at home track Nottingham, Toupe Joe completed their unwished vomiting/inquiry treble.
Gone is the tuxedo and the toupe - these are his own heartfelt compositions of humour, love and peace.
In each one Poelzig's hair sits like a toupe cap above his characteristic owl-like glasses and earnest expression.
Other procedures such as Hill, Belsy, and Toupe repairs have all been devised to offer antireflux surgeries for specific patient populations.
Get a life, put your toupe on, a baseball cap & u will overnight recapture the youth that u r obviously missing