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For in those cases in which Holmes has performed some tour de force of analytical reasoning, and has demonstrated the value of his peculiar methods of investigation, the facts themselves have often been so slight or so commonplace that I could not feel justified in laying them before the public.
You remember," said he, "that some little time ago, when I read you the passage in one of Poe's sketches, in which a close reasoner follows the unspoken thought of his companion, you were inclined to treat the matter as a mere tour de force of the author.
The Tour de Force follows the exact route of the famous race and cyclists can complete all 21 stages or break the route down into short blocks.
The charity, the official charity of the Tour de Force, supports disadvantaged young people across the UK to fulfill their potential, and was established by William's parents in memory of their son who was killed while travelling in South America in 1996.
The Tour de Force Orchestra performing in Huddersfield didn't impress this youngster, below |
The officers are taking on the challenge in order to raise money and show support for the four-strong Tour de Forces team, a group of former military servicemen and civilians who are currently cycling an astonishing 3,102 miles around Britain's coast.
Particularly soulful is "The Mystic Trumpeter," a haunting duet for trumpet and soprano, while "Song of Myself' is a tour de force for Elling.
The message beneath the author's campaign, one of waking up and getting involved, resonates in the pages of this enjoyable tour de force of maverick politics.
The late Michel Simonin contributes a tour de force reading of the 1586 "Affaire Le Breton" that makes evident yet again what the profession has lost with his passing.
It's all here in a tour de force that will have experienced heads laughing, then nodding in tight-lipped "been there" agreement.
The sun room is adjacent to the tour de force family room, decorated in safari motif and complete with fireplace, retractable media screen and wet bar.