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a. A whirlwind.
b. A vortex, as of a whirlwind or whirlpool.
2. A skyrocket that has a spiral flight.

[Middle English turbilloun, from Old French torbeillon, ultimately from Latin turbō, from Greek turbē, noise, confusion; see turbid.]


(Physical Geography) a rare word for whirlwind
[C15: from French tourbillon, ultimately from Latin turbō something that spins, from turbāre to confuse]


(tʊərˈbɪl yən)

1. a whirlwind.
2. a firework that rises spirally.
[1470–80; earlier turbilloun < Middle French to(u)rbillon < Vulgar Latin *turbiliōnem, dissimilated variant of *turbiniōnem, acc. of *turbiniō whirlwind]
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Other than the novelties, Franck Muller also brought exceptional pieces, particularly the world's fastest tourbillion, dubbed as 'The Thunderbolt'.
Kinget pulls up his left sleeve to reveal an even more gasp-inducing platinum Geophysic Tourbillion World Time watch.
And, with rare exceptions, Hell's darkest hues are compounded out of individually bright washes of red, yellow, and, above all, blue --from the tourbillion of the lustful souls in Canto V, to the sprung body of the giant Antaeus setting Dante down in the circle of the traitors.
Said Babin and he pointed to the 120000-euro Bulgari Octo Finissimo-one of the world's thinnest tourbillion watches-on his wrist.
So far, the scheme hasn't proved particularly successful, with Luzern fans setting off a barrage of flares in the away end during their visit to the the Stade Tourbillion.
Of the participating brands, the one by Greubel Forsey with sapphires and tourbillion in the artistic category is the most expensive watch in the collection, priced at ` 10.
Icons like the Speedmaster and Seamaster are covered in depth, along with the brand's rare tourbillion watches.
For those whose budgets are truly unlimited there is the Ultimate 50 (meaning 50 million yen) for which guests receive use of a Lamborghini, a Blancpain Tourbillion Watch, three nights in the Conrad's Royal Hamarikyu Suite and more.
Called the Grand Complication watch, it was made in about 1987 and has a one-minute tourbillion - it revolves once a minute to counter the effects of gravity on accuracy; the Daniels slim co-axial escapement; minute Watchmaker George repeating mechanism on two gongs; instantaneous perpetual calendar; equation of time; moon-phases; thermometer and power reserve indicator.
Price: AED 765,141 for the white gold 45mm MasterGraff Tourbillion with a black dial and white gold buckle.