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Noun1.tourist attraction - a characteristic that attracts tourists
attractive feature, magnet, attractor, attracter, attraction - a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts; "flowers are an attractor for bees"
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Landmark Tourist Attraction - FUN Business - High Cash SalesUnique - Once in a Lifetime Opportunity
Al-Masmak Palace, a prime tourist attraction in Riyadh.
Bahrain: A market branded a health and environmental hazard has received a new lifeline with plans to turn it into a tourist attraction being given the go-ahead.
SIR - The Great Orme is well known as a tourist attraction and rightly so, mainly because of the views.
No bus link to top tourist attraction IN a time when we are constantly reminded by our local authorities that we should take more public transport instead of using our own cars I find it disgraceful that there is no public transport available to visit Cwm Idwal which is easily one of the most popular tourist attractions in Wales.
Boatmen offer boat tours around the lakeshore of the town as part of the tourist attraction at the Laguna Lake here.
As of 2013, these tourist attraction sites were not being maintained by the tourism board or the state government.
The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, is ranked the second best tourist attraction out of a list of 25 places by TripAdvisor, world's renowned website for travel.
The World Museum in Liverpool was ranked as the third-best disabled-friendly tourist attraction in Britain.
A LEADING tourist attraction is launching a recruitment drive for volunteers to join its education team.
What would also be really nice is the two buildings next door, 22/23 Bayley Lane, becoming a tourist attraction and not student flats.
A TITANIC tribute built by a former engineer in his back garden has been hailed as a top tourist attraction.