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One who travels for pleasure.

tour·is′tic adj.
tour·is′ti·cal·ly adv.


in a touristic or touristy manner
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He also pointed to the launch of the programme "Tunisia, Civilisation Cities ", which aims to highlight the tangible and intangible national heritage and use it economically and touristically.
Municipalities, in collaboration with international NGOs, are looking at their individual towns' territorial assets and exploring how they can develop them touristically to attract visitors and improve the local economy.
according to the needs of the present," by "making the quarters unique and touristically attractive" ("Bonds," 168).
Lynn Murray argues that descriptions of the war's destruction borrow the rhetoric of the picturesque in order to create a bridge between the picturesque natural landscape and the newly picturesque (and thus touristically valuable) war-torn landscape: "the bleak reminders of war's visitation upon the region became, in the hands of journalists and tourists, the raw material of picturesque ruin" (2002, 94).
Franzen observes about cable news "the phony coziness that tolerates the grotesque 'expansion of trivial news, traffics touristically in stories that ought to have no place in public discourse, and makes no tonal distinctions in its blending of serious and meaning less news items" (247).
Bassil implored the Council not to boycott Lebanon touristically and maintain brotherly relations which have been established over the years.
The Germanic-Romantic dichotomy becomes the PC-Mac dichotomy; the "infernal machines" of the press becomes more mechanized with cable news, which "traffics touristically in stories that ought to have no place in public discourse"; technology kills print, yet expands the size of the biography "as if being bored has become the way to reassure yourself that you're doing serious reading, as opposed to playing Angry Birds"; and Jeff Bezos "looks like one of the Four Horseman.
These routes are, in turn, effective in uniting touristically the Mercosur countries and also Chile.
Contract awarded for sectors diagnostics report rural municipality of puerto varas, with the aim of developing touristically these sectors, according to the requirements and conditions set forth in the administrative rules, technical rules and schedules are part of them and clarifications that may be made to them
However, the North is less touristically explored area of Spain, as many [European] tourists prefer to go along the Mediterranean coastal cities and, of course, they have reason to it.
Al Harthy said that the playground will play a prominent role in placing the Sultanate in the golf world map and work to attract and host events and world championships which will contribute to touristically promoting the Sultanate through the participation of golf professionals from around the world and the attendance of this sport's lovers and media people in these events.
PTDC has setup 39 Motels and restaurants in the touristically important areas of Pakistan, where private sector was shy to invest.