tow car

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(ˈrɛk ər)

1. a person or thing that wrecks.
2. a person, car, or train employed in removing wreckage, debris, etc., as from railroad tracks.
3. Also called tow car , tow truck. a vehicle equipped with a mechanical apparatus for hoisting and pulling, used to tow wrecked, disabled, or stalled automobiles.
4. a person or business that demolishes and removes houses or other buildings, as in clearing sites for other use.
5. a person or vessel employed in recovering salvage from wrecked or disabled vessels.
6. a person who plunders wrecks, esp. after exhibiting false signals in order to cause shipwrecks.
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Noun1.tow car - a truck equipped to hoist and pull wrecked cars (or to remove cars from no-parking zones)tow car - a truck equipped to hoist and pull wrecked cars (or to remove cars from no-parking zones)
motortruck, truck - an automotive vehicle suitable for hauling
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VOLKSWAGEN'S Passat Estate proved once more that it's a true family estate with real pulling power as it picked up three honours in the Tow Car Awards.
Ford's all-new Mondeo has been judged the best petrol-powered tow car by experts at this year's Tow Car Awards.
This makes it a serious off-roader and an excellent tow car, complete with a raft of creature comforts normally found in much more expensive SUVs.
LAND Rover Discovery is celebrating its second tow car honour in three months thanks to recognition in The Caravan Club's Towcar of the Year Awards.
Renault is also celebrating another timely event, with its Captur model achieving the Best Ultralight category win at the recent Tow Car awards.
Auto Business News-June 17, 2014--Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer receives best petrol model award at Tow Car Awards 2014
Another outstanding 3 Series model is the BMW 330d, which has been declared Best Luxury Touring model in the 1580-1724kg class at the Practical Caravan Tow Car Awards 2013.
The all-new Mazda6 claimed its sixth award this year after it was named as the 'Best Petrol Tow Car' at the Tow Car Awards 2013, held at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire last night (13 June).
Choosing the right tow car and having a safe experience will go along way to ensuring that your time is enjoyable and relaxed, as well as safe and legal.
Several cars in one, it's the family hatchback for the daily school or commuter run, a load lugger for that long distance cross-country thrash, and the perfect tow car - thanks to its two-tonne towing capacity - for hauling the caravan or boat to your summer holiday destination.
THE Caravan Club recently announced its winners of the Tow Car of the Year awards.
The high driving position gives an excellent view all round and, of course, it is a tow car par excellence.