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1. See tugboat.
2. A powerful, shallow-draft boat with a broad bow, intended to push barges on rivers and canals.


(Nautical Terms) another word for tug5



1. a boat used to push groups of barges, esp. in inland waterways.
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Noun1.towboat - a powerful small boat designed to pull or push larger shipstowboat - a powerful small boat designed to pull or push larger ships
boat - a small vessel for travel on water
helm - steering mechanism for a vessel; a mechanical device by which a vessel is steered


[ˈtəʊbəʊt] N (US) → remolcador m


[ˈtəʊˌbəʊt] nrimorchiatore m
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He used to bum araound the c'mission houses to Boston lookin' fer the Lord to make him captain of a towboat on his merits.
Introducing Malibu's new M235, designed to be nothing less than the most ultra-premium performance towboat the world has ever seen.
Stewart Towboat and barge, which transports aggregates on the river every day, according to the company.
Coast Guard said Thursday that a towboat sank in the Mississippi River near Chester, Illinois, causing it to restrict traffic in that part of the major commercial shipping waterway.
Design and construction of a special vessel for water treatment consisting of a towboat and two separate barges for water quality improvement of acidified waters LMBV opencast mining in Lusatia (Brandenburg / Ostsachsen) according to the present general planning and building regulation
The organization has grown to include 10 full-time employees and a fleet of four barges, a towboat, six workboats, two skid steers, five work trucks, and a large box truck.
in the UK rescue effort in the Caribbean the men were up by a freighter 12 hours The Sara G was recovered by TowBoat US.
If Krilanovich's name sounds familiar to local boaters, it's because the USCG-licensed captain is a long time harbor fixture - he's had a boat slip there since 1974, worked as a towboat captain, and is currently a liveaboard resident.
The corps said a towboat pulling a barge was moving upstream late Thursday when it struck the gate and pulled it free of its housing on the upstream side.
Steve Reidt needed to buy a second towboat but couldn't find one.
From the author's daily life in a house so close to the Mississippi banks that each spring she must open her basement doors to accept the regular floods, to tongue-in-cheek accounts of river rats and towboat pilots, to tales of desperate sandbagging against unruly flood tides, river hangouts, choice waterfront taverns, and more.
monitors sensitive shipments, including arms, ammunition and explosives, classified, and high-value cargo moving via commercial motor carriers, as well as nearly all barge and towboat munitions movements from consignor to consignee.

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