toy chest

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Noun1.toy chest - chest for storage of toystoy chest - chest for storage of toys    
chest - box with a lid; used for storage; usually large and sturdy
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Dads visited the coffee shops, siblings amused themselves with the toy chest.
These behaviors conflict with guidance from toy safety experts, who recommend that toys meant for older children -- many of which contain small parts -- be kept in a separate toy chest that cannot be accessed by children under 3, and that demonstrating how to use a toy or game is the best way to make sure a child understands how to properly and safely enjoy it.
There's also a bracelet-covered bong and the contents of a cut-price toy chest from Toys R Us glued together.
Sophie searched her toy chest and tossed stuffed animals everywhere.
TOY CHEST Step 2 tool chest and dresser, Toys R Us, PS99.
Cooper is also the owner of online toys for toddlers retail store Reagan's Toy Chest.
Think about treating a toy chest, tabletop, or other piece of furniture, a closet door or cupboard facade.
GIRLY girls will love putting their things away in this Disney at THIS cheerful toy chest is decorated with four friendly animal faces to encourage them to tidy up, pounds 52, at Johnlewis.
An outdated toy chest, discarded wooden tool caddy, or a long-forgotten bathtub can be brought back to life as a creative container.
Grown men around the world were reduced to tears as the Pixar animators said farewell to Woody the cowboy, Buzz Lightyear and all the other old pals in Andy's toy chest.
With this year's addition of the ball, the Game Boy and the Big Wheel riding toy, the hall now has 41 items in its toy chest.
We've run out of paper from all the drawings and scribbling we've done, every single board game has come out of the toy chest and the DVD collection has run dry.