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The UI felt like a slight disconnect with a device that otherwise looked and felt quite premium - a toyish disconnect of the soul from the body.
The project will begin with a pilot phase, which will focus its assistance in 4 villages, eleccionadas by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG): -Business, -Palo White, -Jerusalem and -12 June 2 indigenous communities of the Chaco Central: -The Legacy and -Nicha Toyish.
9) And she went out wearing an "immodest" and toyish," tall-crowned copple hat ornamented with a "twined band," a head covering that merchants' wives and "yong Dames" had borrowed from men's fashions (Figure 6).
The brothers rekindled the argument when George charged Thomasine in a church meeting with wearing a "toyish hat" of velvet, and Francis responded that "it be not toyish in nature.
From among any number of passages, Beecher himself selects the following, sententious conclusion as illustrative of the Overburian style of charactery: "to be brief with him, he is his own strength's enfeebler, his beauty's blemisher, his wit's blunder, his memory's decayer, and his appetite's abater--a toyish tobacconist" (49).
Despite their toyish appearance, these are the most brilliant and probably most deadly PGMs in the US arsenal.