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Noun1.endotracheal tube - a catheter that is inserted into the trachea through the mouth or nose in order to maintain an open air passage or to deliver oxygen or to permit the suctioning of mucus or to prevent aspiration of the stomach contents
catheter - a thin flexible tube inserted into the body to permit introduction or withdrawal of fluids or to keep the passageway open
nasotracheal tube - a tube inserted into the trachea through the nose and pharynx; used to deliver oxygen
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A combination of search terms was used to search the literature: 'verification of endotracheal OR tracheal tube placement; 'complications AND incorrect endotracheal tube placement'; 'critical care AND endotracheal tube placement'; 'full text journal articles related to endotracheal tube placement AND verification'; 'endotracheal tube placement AND adults NOT neonates'; 'ventilation AND verification of endotracheal tubes'.
Even though the two medics plus two emergency medical technicians who worked on Rivers restarted her heart and got oxygen into her lungs using the tracheal tube and bag-valve mask, Rivers' brain has already been deprived of oxygen for far too long.
Tracheal tube and laryngeal mask cuff pressure during anaesthesia--mandatory monitoring is in need.
The dog was anaesthetised, intubated with a cuffed tracheal tube, and immersed in water for the duration of a lecture, at the conclusion of which it was awakened and extubated.
He has since said Chavez is "in good spirits" while fighting for his life, and that he is communicating and issuing instructions about political and economic policies by writing and other means because of a tracheal tube.
A tracheal tube was inserted later to assist his breathing.
When Mr Jawaid awoke, he was confused and he tried to pull out his arterial line before pulling out his tracheal tube.
The normally loquacious socialist leader, who is struggling to speak as he breathes through a tracheal tube, took to Twitter with a passion back in April 2010, tweeting regularly and encouraging other leftist Latin American leaders to do likewise.
Officials said he was breathing through a tracheal tube and struggling to speak.
He has three tubes in his body: a tracheal tube for breathing, a tube for feeding and a catheter to pass urine.
16, Suda removed the tracheal tube from the patient at the request of the family, but seeing that the patient started to suffer, she ordered a nurse to administer a muscle relaxant, causing him to suffocate.
The Trilogy 100 portable ventilator features Respironics' proven BiPAP technology with leak compensation, volume and pressure control ventilation, and the ability to ventilate with either a mask or a tracheal tube.