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n. pl. tra·che·os·co·pies
Examination of the interior of the trachea, as with a bronchoscope.

tra′che·o·scop′ic (-ə-skŏp′ĭk) adj.


n, pl -pies
(Medicine) an examination or inspection of the trachea
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Radiography, computed tomography, and tracheoscopy revealed multiple tracheal strictures spanning a length of 2.
Operative tracheoscopy and bronchoscopy revealed the presence of granulation tissue, which was resected from the area of the tracheotomy.
In this procedure, the fetus's head and shoulders are delivered and the placenta is left attached (maintaining umbilical circulation and fetal oxygenation) while a surgical intubation or tracheoscopy procedure is performed.
At that point, the animal was anesthetized, and tracheoscopy was performed with a flexible 56-cm bronchoscope (Olympus B3R; Tokyo, Japan (Figure 1).
Under jet ventilation, the patient underwent direct laryngoscopy and tracheoscopy with 0 and 70[degrees] endoscopes.
Immediately after the tracheoscopy, wholebody radiographs were obtained, which revealed a soft-tissue tracheal opacity along a 1.
After administering topical anesthesia of the airway with 4% lidocaine transoral spray, we performed fiberoptic tracheoscopy.
Tracheoscopy revealed no abnormalities, but a deep tracheal swab was taken for fungal culture, which was negative.
Direct tracheoscopy revealed the presence of a 4-cm perforation in the posterior tracheal wail (figure, A).
Results of various diagnostic tests including radiographs, Chlamydophila serologic testing, measurement of Aspergillus antibody and antigen titers, plasma protein electrophoresis, fecal culture and acid-fast staining, coelioscopy, endoscopy, tracheoscopy, exploratory coelomotomy, nuclear scintigraphy, tissue cultures, bone marrow biopsy, and histopathology revealed no underlying cause for the persistent leukocytosis.