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 (trā′kīt′, trăk′īt′)
A light-colored igneous rock consisting essentially of alkali feldspar.

[French, from Greek trākhus, rough.]

tra·chyt′ic (trə-kĭt′ĭk) adj.


(ˈtreɪkaɪt; ˈtræ-)
(Geological Science) a light-coloured fine-grained volcanic rock of rough texture consisting of feldspars with small amounts of pyroxene or amphibole
[C19: from French, from Greek trakhutēs, from trakhus rough]
trachytoid adj


(ˈtreɪ kaɪt, ˈtræk aɪt)

a fine-grained volcanic rock consisting essentially of alkali feldspar and one or more subordinate minerals, as hornblende or mica: the extrusive equivalent of syenite.
[1815–25; < French < Greek trāchýtēs roughness =trāchý(s) rough + -tēs n. suffix]
tra•chyt•ic (trəˈkɪt ɪk) trach•y•toid (ˈtræk ɪˌtɔɪd, ˈtreɪ kɪ-) adj.
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To the conglomerate and trachyte succeeded black basalt, the first dispread in layers full of bubbles, the latter forming regular prisms, placed like a colonnade supporting the spring of the immense vault, an admirable specimen of natural architecture.
The Canik Mountains are formed primarily of andesite, trachyte and sandstone and are cut through by the Yesil Irmak River gorge.
It was made of sandstone, not trachyte as was used for statues in Java, and it was concluded that it was made locally (Anon.
Volcanic rocks of middle to upper Tertiary age and probably Miocene range from basalts to trachyte.
They range from aplite to porphyritic microgranite, and rhyolite to quartz trachyte in composition (Jan et al.
The new liturgical block, with branching auxiliary spaces (the chapter-oratory to the left; sacristy, two chapels and lavamani to the right) became the juncture of the internal circulationpattern and the larger geographic context, expressed by the unadorned facade framed by two flanking bell-towers in trachyte stone.
Granite, basalt, andesite and trachyte are used as coating materials for buildings.
Murazliev's lawyer Vika Kargabaeva reported that at the time of arrest he had been treated with a diagnosis of acute pharyngitis and trachyte.
2] contents, the syenitic suite has higher Nb/Y than the granitic suite, and the samples plot in the alkalic fields as the intrusive equivalents of volcanic rocks such as trachyte and alkali rhyolite.
The geology of the Texas Davis Mountains AVA is dominated by a large area of older volcanic rocks (rhyolite, trachyte, lava flows) at lower elevations in the north and east, and younger volcanic rocks (trachyte, rhyolite, tuff, latite) at the higher elevations in the central and southwest areas, including Mount Livermore, Black Mountain and surrounding peaks (Fig.
Given the sparsity of evidence, it is not surprising that the so-called constitution stone of Chios has caused so much controversy about its dating, the order of its sides, the quality of its democracy and whether or not the stone really comes from Chios: Meiggs and Lewis (1988: 17) mention that the red trachyte stone on which the constitution is inscribed is not common on Chios but that it is plentiful in nearby Erythrae.