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1. Railway tracks.
a. The right of one railroad company to use the track system of another.
b. The charge for this right.


a collective term for the railway tracks in general, or those in a given area or belonging to a particular company, etc


(ˈtræk ɪdʒ)

1. the whole quantity of track owned by a railroad.
2. the right of one railroad company to use the tracks of another.
[1875–80, Amer.]


 railway lines collectively, 1884.
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As part of the transaction, NS will retain and modify overhead trackage rights on the line between Schenectady, Crescent, and Mechanicville, N.
NPBL owns 34 miles of railroad and has trackage rights over 27.
CSX is the railroad company that owns the right of way and trackage on which the trains run, and the state and federal DOTs are responsible for approval and some of the funding for the project.
A trackage rights agreement approved by the MBTA board last week, however, seeks to avoid "protracted negotiations," such as the ones between CSX and the state.
The impressive footage includes what these trains must deal with from the MRL trackage from the eastern starting point of Jones Junction to the western end of the line at Sandpoiknt, Idaho.
Some other regions have already been using women-only cars, but Tokyo was slower to adopt them due to crowded platforms and the prevalence of mutual trackage systems.
The Surface Transportation Board set up 35 conditions to the merger, including trackage rights for Burlington Northern and other railroads and a five-year oversight period to guarantee competition.
We have deepwater ports, an international airport, more railroad trackage and highways per square mile than any state in the nation, the most urbanized region in the country and a unique location - mid-way in the Boston to Washington corridor," Florio said.
Prescribed trackage rights are offered as a corrective, and Chapter 6.
Patriot's agreement, which was executed on April 20, 2012, provides KGTR with the rights to operate, maintain trackage and serve rail customers within the Park for up to 22 years.
The BVB need for their trackage track junction boxes with lids and drainage boxes with lids, and flush mounted cap to drainage boxes.
D&H also will retain previously STB approved trackage rights between Albany and Fresh Pond.