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A treatise; an essay.

[Latin tractātus; see tract2.]


1. (Journalism & Publishing) a short tract; treatise
2. (Judaism) Judaism one of the volumes of the Talmud
[C15: from Latin tractātus, from tractāre to handle; see tractable]


(ˈtræk teɪt)

1. a treatise; essay.
2. any of the books of the Talmud.
[1425–75; < Medieval Latin tractātus, derivative of Latintractā(re) to handle, treat (frequentative of trahere to draw)]
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He spoke very handsomely of my late tractate on the Egyptian Mysteries,--using, in fact, terms which it would not become me to repeat.
As we saw in Tractate Sanhedrin, any Jew who dared violate this rule was condemned to death.
Abstract: This article describes the tripartite structure, a formative style used in the redaction of some sugyot in Tractate Eruvin.
As such, copy L presents the fullest positive articulation, together with the companion tractate, All Religions are One (also not printed until 1795), of Blake's early philosophy, and plate numbers in my citations refer to this copy.
Sherlock writer Mark Gatiss, who directed Ryall in TV movie The Tractate Middoth in 2013, tweeted he was "a twinkling, brilliant, wonderful actor I was privileged to call a friend.
The Humanics Method: A Tractate on the Way Forward in Academic Arenas Not Amenable to the Scientific Method
Rabbi Alon Goshen-Gottstein addresses the problem posed in the Talmud tractate AvodaZara (foreign worship) that states outright that Christians are involved in idolatrous worship.
The collection features a foreword by MarK Gatiss who wrote the recent Christmas adaptation The Tractate Middoth for the BBC and ClarK introduces each story with reminiscences about casting, shooting, adapting and location scouting.
The Tractate Middoth is set in a quiet, academic library where Eldred is helped in his search for a rare Hebrew text by young Mr Garrett.
One of the maxims of Rabban Gamaliel is included in the first chapter of the tractate Abot of the Mishnah: "Rabban Gamliel says: Set up a master [rav] for yourself, avoid doubt.
The elephant is mentioned in the Babylonian Talmud, tractate Brakhot, in connection with dreams.
For every tractate more than one manuscript is listed.