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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: magazine - a magazine published for and read by members of a particular trade grouptrade magazine - a magazine published for and read by members of a particular trade group
mag, magazine - a periodic publication containing pictures and stories and articles of interest to those who purchase it or subscribe to it; "it takes several years before a magazine starts to break even or make money"
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Anglo-Dutch publisher Reed Elsevier (AMS:REN, LON:REL) is no longer selling its business and trade magazine division, Marianne van Leeuwen, managing director of Reed Business Nederland, told daily De Financiele Telegraaf today.
Gomez (silver ADDY for stationery package, a silver for brochure/annual report, and a gold for interactive media); Alejandra Sofia Gracia (gold for brochure/annual report and Best in Show); Christina Harwell (gold for brochure/annual report and gold for consumer trade magazine ad); Karen White (silver for collateral material, poster); Luke Garza (gold for consumer trade magazine ad; silver for consumer trade magazine ad; silver for elements of advertising, logo); Lewis Paul Sanders (silver for consumer trade magazine ad); Tamara Pinzon (silver for elements of advertising, logo); and Tim Pierdolla (gold for elements of advertising, photography).
A German trade magazine has declared a new Wagner pizza to be its Product of the Year 2008.
I am a reader of LATIN TRADE magazine, and please allow me to congratulate you all for the information that you publish.
The faith-based company's ads appear on its Web site, in a toy trade magazine and in a number of Christian magazines.
A trade magazine should not just be a mouthpiece for others.
TRADE MAGAZINE PUBLISHING: Seasoned trade magazine executives looking to acquire a group of business-to-business publications serving viable industries that have sales of $10M-$15M with a 10%-15% EBITDA.
Finacial Executive has won the gold (first-place) award in the Trade Magazine category in the Association Trends 2003 All-Media Contest.
A significant difference between a trade magazine and a professional journal is that the former is an advocate of products or technologies (that's its purpose); the latter, however, is not a voice for any one product, or technology.
As a reporter at a travel trade magazine who frequently takes fully expense-paid press trips, I was very pleased to discover Elizabeth Austin's article "All Expenses Paid" (July/August 1999).
That's because the competition-every trade magazine in the country-is stiff.
Nailpro, another trade magazine, lists nearly 400 manufacturers in its 1997 Gold Book directory.