trade unionist

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trade union

A labor union, especially one limited in membership to people in the same trade.

trade unionism n.
trade unionist n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: unionist - a worker who belongs to a trade uniontrade unionist - a worker who belongs to a trade union
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
عُضْوٌ في نِقَابَةعَضو في نِقابَة العُمّال
ammattiyhdistyksen jäsen
szakszervezeti tag
công đoàn viên

trade unionist

trades unionist n (Brit) → sindacalista m/f


(treid) noun
1. the buying and selling of goods. Japan does a lot of trade with Britain.
2. (a) business, occupation, or job. He's in the jewellery trade.
1. (often with in or with) to buy and sell. They made a lot of money by trading; They trade in fruit and vegetables.
2. to exchange. I traded my watch for a bicycle.
ˈtrader noun
a person who trades.
ˈtrademark, ˈtradename nouns
an officially registered mark or name belonging to a particular company, and not to be used by anyone else, that is put on all goods made by the company.
ˈtradesman (ˈtreidz-) noun
1. a shopkeeper.
2. a workman in a skilled job. My husband cannot mend the television-set – I'll have to send for a tradesman.
trade(s) union
a group of workers of the same trade who join together to bargain with employers for fair wages, better working conditions etc.
trade(s) unionist a member of a trade(s) union (noun trade(s) unionism
trade wind
a wind that blows towards the equator (from the north-east and south-east).
trade in to give (something) as part-payment for something else: We decided to trade in our old car and get a new one ( noun ˈtrade-in)

trade unionist

عُضْوٌ في نِقَابَة odborář fagforeningsmedlem Gewerkschaftler συνδικαλιστής sindicalista ammattiyhdistyksen jäsen syndicaliste sindikalist sindacalista 労働組合主義者 노동조합원 vakbondslid fagforeningsmedlem związkowiec sindicalista член профсоюза fackföreningsman สมาชิกสหภาพแรงงาน sendikacı công đoàn viên 工会成员
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Commenting on outcome of the visit of the Secretary General of the Organization for Unity of Africa Trade Unions to Sudan, Engineer Abdul-Karim said that the visit has a special significance in boosting the trade unionist work.
COVENTRY NORTH EAST Nicky Downes - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 633 Russell Field - Liberal Democrats 2,007 Colleen Fletcher - Labour Party 22,025 Matthew Handley - Green Party 1,245 Michelle Lowe - Conservative Party 9,751 William Sidhu - Christian Movement for Great Britain 292 Avtar Taggar - UK Independence Party (UKIP) 6,278 Turnout: 56.
Prospective Parliamentary candidates, including Tony Mulhearn (Riverside), front-| |centre, and Phil Simpson, Simon Worthington, Giorgo Moulas, Craig Pearson, Dave Jones and Frank Brown, attended the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
VAR trade unionist protester telling Berlusconi to go to jail
The equally feared and respected rail union boss (pictured), who died suddenly aged 52 this week, was leader of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coaltion party or TUSC - set up by socialists unhappy at New Labour.
A penniless orphan, he moved to Scotland as a teenager and became a pioneering trade unionist defending the rights of miners around the UK.
As your Prime Minister, I want to say how disappointed I am that a handful of Trade unionist as we all know have been prepared to use ordinary workers as pawns in their struggle with government to protect their own interests and position, which we all believe is not the Fijian way , PM Bainimarama said.
Former prominent Midland trade unionist Pete Carter, famous for leading sit-ins at the Rotunda in Birmingham over conditions for building workers, has died of lung cancer, aged 73.
AS a trade unionist I was extremely interested in the article on the Cardiff Against the Cuts Campaign that has been launched by Cardiff Trades Council ("Unions join campaign to 'fight cuts", Echo, September 24).
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist,'" said Yegelwel.
The call was made by eight trade union members from Arab countries, including Kuwait, during a meeting in Amman on the conditions of the Arab trade unionist movement.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a trade unionist.

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