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Noun1.brokerage account - a fund that a customer has entrusted to a securities brokeragebrokerage account - a fund that a customer has entrusted to a securities brokerage; "you can't get a brokerage account unless you have $20,000"
cash account - an account with a securities brokerage whose transactions are settled on a cash basis
margin account - an account with a securities brokerage in which the broker extends credit
business relationship, account - a formal contractual relationship established to provide for regular banking or brokerage or business services; "he asked to see the executive who handled his account"
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To feel all of the benefits of web trading, log in to an existing trading account at WebTrader.
Forex-Metal's clients, opening a trading account with a minimum deposit of $500, are eligible to receive the card for free.
The basic premise of MTM accounting is that every position in a trader's trading account is priced, or marked to market, and treated as though it had been closed out at the end of each year.
PopularMedia was able to optimize a word-of-mouth campaign for Zecco which resulted in a 941 percent increase in Zecco Trading account signups.
The Institute will release four batches of $250,000 (=$1,000,000) trading accounts to students that purchase and successfully pass the examination of the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) Video Series (one trading account per 2015 quarter).
The utmost possible deficit on this managed options trading account is restricted and as a result, there are no fundamental margin calls.
The Million Dollar Trading Competition is a live FX Futures trading competition and will require all participants to open, fund and trade a futures trading account with Daniels Trading.
Which makes the process of depositing the trading account not just comfortable but beneficial as well.
We know that many forex traders are avid Facebook users, so we wanted to provide them with the ability to instantly open a trading account from within a familiar Facebook setting,” says Betty Snyder, Forex-Metal Marketing Manager.
The Trading Platform allows traders to define, test and analyze signals within a self-directed individual Forex trading system trading account.
One of the best cash-out goal ideas is to start withdrawing half of the profit from the trading account and setting a goal to double the remaining profit in the account.
Through the City Index Australia site, traders have full, free access to their dedicated trading education section; offering webinars, seminars, a demo trading account and guides to managing risk plus more.