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(trăg′ə-kănth′, trăj′-)
1. Any of several spiny Asian shrubs of the genus Astragalus of the pea family, especially A. gummifer, of the Middle East, yielding a gum used in pharmaceuticals, adhesives, and textile printing, and as an emulsifier and thickener in foods.
2. The gum of any of these plants.

[Latin tragacantha, from Greek tragakantha : tragos, goat (probably from the resemblance of the drops of hardened gum to tiny goat horns in shape, color, and texture when they are collected off the plant); see tragic + akantha, thorn, spine.]


1. (Plants) any of various spiny leguminous plants of the genus Astragalus, esp A. gummifer, of Asia, having clusters of white, yellow, or purple flowers, and yielding a substance that is made into a gum
2. (Plants) the gum obtained from any of these plants, used in the manufacture of pills and lozenges, etc
[C16: from French tragacante, from Latin tragacantha goat's thorn, from Greek tragakantha, from tragos goat + akantha thorn]


(ˈtræg əˌkænθ, ˈtrædʒ-)

a gum of various Asian shrubs belonging to the genus Astragalus, of the legume family, used as a filler, as in pills, and to stiffen calico.
[1565–75; < Latin tragacantha goat's thorn < Greek tragákantha=trág(os) goat + ákantha thorn]
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Noun1.tragacanth - a gum used in pharmacy, adhesives, and textile printingtragacanth - a gum used in pharmacy, adhesives, and textile printing
gum - any of various substances (soluble in water) that exude from certain plants; they are gelatinous when moist but harden on drying
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Bases usually consist of water, glycerol, or propylene glycol gelled with tragacanth, starch, cellulose derivatives, carboxyvinyl polymers, or Mg Al silicates.
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Texture of low-fat Iranian white cheese as influenced by gum tragacanth as a fat replacer.
yellow myrobalan; one dirham of socotra aloe; rose and tragacanth,
Pethidine (5mg/Kg) and gum tragacanth were used as standard drug and vehicle respectively.
You can strengthen the fondant, so it dries harder, by kneading gum tragacanth (from cook shops) into it the day before you model it.
8) Sotelties depended on the addition of gum tragacanth, and could include replicas of coats of arms and houses, linking the very gentleness of a family with their capacity to entertain.
To this end, they used zinc nitrate hexahydrate and gum tragacanth obtained from the Northern parts of Khorassan Razavi Province as the zinc-providing source and the agent to control the size of particles in aqueous solution, respectively.
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