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A woman who performs tragic roles in the theater.

[French, feminine of tragédien, tragedian, from Old French tragedian, from tragedie, tragedy; see tragedy.]


(Theatre) theatre an actress who specializes in tragic roles


(trəˌdʒi diˈɛn)

an actress noted for performing tragic roles.
[1850–55; < French, feminine of tragédien tragedian]
usage: See -enne.
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Noun1.tragedienne - an actress who specializes in tragic rolestragedienne - an actress who specializes in tragic roles
actress - a female actor


[trədʒiːdɪˈen] Ntrágica f, actriz f trágica


n (= writer)Tragikerin f, → Tragödiendichterin f; (= actress)Tragödin f (geh), → Darstellerin ftragischer Rollen
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In 1798, while struggling to come to terms with her daughter Marias impending death, the revered tragedienne Sarah Siddons epitomized this paradigm of acting as self-revelation in a letter to her friend Penelope Pennington.
When contemporaries compared O'Neill to anyone, it was to the retired actress Sarah Siddons, the former reigning tragedienne.
La grande tragedienne reprend le role d'Assuerus qu'elle avait cree en 1905, dans une mise en scene << historique >> ou tous les roles sont tenus par des actrices feminines, comme a Saint-Cyr en 1689 (19).
Madame Bernhardt took a very great interest in the local Della Robbia pottery industry, and when Mr Rathbone (the art director) was holding an exhibition some years ago the great tragedienne made a special visit to inspect it.
She also had a brilliant success in Paris, but decided to return to the Romanian stage, where she became known especially for tragedienne roles.
Dans les colonnes du Daily Nation, son redacteur en chef, Murithi Muthiga, soutient que la tragedienne kenyane est l'occasion de faire realiser au monde que [beaucoup moins que]nous vivons dans un monde interconnecte et qu'avoir un pays failli comme voisin, tel que la Somalie, peut avoir des effets bien au-dela de ses frontieres[beaucoup plus grand que].
Its leading lady, Tairov's wife Alisa Koonen (1889-1974), was a skilled tragedienne, at her best with Wilde's Salome (1917) and Racine's Phedre (1922).
Looking wonderful in Ingeborg Bernerth's handsome costumes, she was every inch the grand tragedienne, stellar of presence and pliantly poetic of plastique.
Sandra s'habille de blanc, noue son long voile de tragedienne, de deuil, en foulard d'aujourd'hui.