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1. A nonmotorized vehicle designed to be pulled behind a motor vehicle, especially:
a. A large transport vehicle designed to be hauled by a truck or tractor.
b. A furnished vehicle drawn by a truck or automobile and used when parked as a dwelling or office.
a. A short filmed advertisement for a movie; a preview.
b. A short, blank strip of film at the end of a reel.
v. trail·ered, trail·er·ing, trail·ers
To transport by a trailer: trailered the boat to the beach.
To travel or live in a trailer.

trail′er·a·ble adj.


the advertising of a film or television programme by means of trailers
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Five times this summer big RVs have gone out to the ramps, backed their boats up and the entire RV and boat have gone in,'' said Nick Cuda, store manager at Lake Perris and unofficial chronicler of trailering tales.
Dumbeck also tells novices trailering to take a morning off during the week, drive to the nearest boat ramp and practice backing the trailer when the place is empty.