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Noun1.train fare - the fare charged for traveling by traintrain fare - the fare charged for traveling by train
fare, transportation - the sum charged for riding in a public conveyance
subway fare - the fare charged for riding a subway train
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Whereupon the carpenters, structural ironworkers and teamsters walked out; and Billy, lacking train fare, spent the rest of the day in walking home.
Ft For Passanger Train Fare List To Be Provided At Station Specification: Designing Solvent Print Of Passenger Train Fare List In Tri-Lingual On Vinyl Sticker Of Star Quality Or Similar With Mat Finish Pasted On 3Mm Thickness Acp Aluminium Composite Panel Sheet Of Size 6Ft X 3Ft, Fire And Rust Resistant, Of High Quality To Be Mounted And Fixed Using High Quality Rafter Ails On Various Surface Walls Like Granite, Cemented, Stoned Walls Etc At Various Stations As Listed.
MORE than 500 train fare dodgers have been caught in Birmingham in just FIVE DAYS.
The groups opposing the train fare hike said the rate increase had come at a bad time.
I have just managed to locate the last two manufactured mugs in this design - in Stoke-on-Trent, which cost me train fare to buy
You won't just be in Birmingham, you might be anywhere from Stoke to Reading and will have to pay the train fare.
The Qinghai-Tibet railway opened July 1 and the train fare between Chengdu and Lhasa is CNY331 ($41) with a sleeper fare of CNY712.
Japan using mobile phone handsets equipped with JR East's Suica electronic train fare cards around next spring, they said.
Whitewater Voyages: $155 plus train fare ($92-$152)
COMMUTERS have suffered train fare increases more than three times the average pay rise since the Coalition came to power, a charity claims today.
Hadrag - the Halifax & District Rail Action Group - has called for a rethink on off-peak train fare restrictions that start on Monday, September 8.