train of thought

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Noun1.train of thought - the connections that link the various parts of an event or argument togethertrain of thought - the connections that link the various parts of an event or argument together; "I couldn't follow his train of thought"; "he lost the thread of his argument"
cerebration, intellection, mentation, thinking, thought process, thought - the process of using your mind to consider something carefully; "thinking always made him frown"; "she paused for thought"
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She was subtly perturbed by it, and more than once, though she knew not why, it disrupted her train of thought with its delicious intrusion and compelled her to grope for the remainder of ideas partly uttered.
She was not dwelling upon any particular train of thought.
Again that day, yes, twice again, she stole back to the old chapel, and in her former seat read from the same book, or indulged the same quiet train of thought.
The whole train of thought did not occupy a second.
The wandering and uncontrollable train of thought, suggesting sudden recollections of things distant and long forgotten and remote from each other--the vague restless craving for something undefined, which nothing could satisfy--the swift flight of the minutes, fusing themselves into hours, as if by enchantment--the rapid coming of the solemn night--the shadow of death always upon them, and yet so dim and faint, that objects the meanest and most trivial started from the gloom beyond, and forced themselves upon the view--the impossibility of holding the mind, even if they had been so disposed, to penitence and preparation, or of keeping it to any point while one hideous fascination tempted it away--these things were common to them all, and varied only in their outward tokens.
She could go there after anything unpleasant below, and find immediate consolation in some pursuit, or some train of thought at hand.
Katharine announced, a moment later, with a laugh, as if at the train of thought which had led her to this conclusion.
So when I saw you throw down your paper and enter upon a train of thought, I was very happy to have the opportunity of reading it off, and eventually of breaking into it, as a proof that I had been in rapport with you.
As she was carried away for the moment by an irresistible train of thought, all connected with her daughter's future greatness, Sir Mulberry Hawk and his friend exchanged glances over the top of the bonnet which the poor lady so much regretted not having left at home, and proceeded to dilate with great rapture, but much respect on the manifold perfections of Miss Nickleby.
Barrington broke away from his train of thought, and woke her quickly.
Worn out in mind and body alike, I was perfectly incapable of pursuing any regular train of thought.
I suppose it was the funeral upset him and sent his mind back on some train of thought.