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Noun1.train ticket - a ticket good for a ride on a railroad traintrain ticket - a ticket good for a ride on a railroad train
ticket - a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something (as to ride on public transportation or to enter a public entertainment)
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By ANNIE NJANJAKenya Railways Corporation (KRC) has advertised positions of train ticket attendants to work on the Nairobi commuter service on a temporary basis.
Train ticket prices in the UK are the highest in Europe.
To a query about Pakistan Railways rules mentioned on the back of a ticket, the official said that like a currency note a train ticket could not be issued in duplicate in case of loss.
In line with its vision to build the country's largest travel booking destination, the company has now launched online train ticket bookings in partnership with IRCTC.
BORO fans have called for a change in train ticket rules after being left out of pocket by late fixture changes.
A train ticket to Bristol on Friday February 12 will set a customer back PS137.
THESE days, you'd struggle to buy a train ticket from one end of the country to another for less that PS100.
RAIL union leaders yesterday demanded an investigation by a powerful group of MPs into "rip-off" train ticket machines.
TRAIN ticket prices are to logic what reindeer are to Scrabble.
Select Italy Offers New Online Rail Ticket Service Select Italy is now offering a comprehensive train ticket service and competitive prices for all travelers visiting Italy.
We are the only train ticket booking service to offer loyalty points for booking train tickets - and now double points can be earned on hotel bookings too, it is one more reason to use redspottedhanky.
Get your Spain train ticket by calling ACP Rail's Call Center today at 1 866 938-RAIL (North America) or by visiting www.