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His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz President of SCTH, Founder and Chairman of Al Turath foundation, on Monday 03/04/2017, visited the students who were taking part in a spring training course in Jeddah.
Furthermore, all service and product training course subjects can be tailored specifically to the requirements of customers.
This client has requested that their presentation training course include a Feedback Coach as well.
by Times News Service This training course comes as part of OJA's training programme for the current year, which includes 21 different training courses in professional and specialised fields that promote the skills of mass media professionals and keeps pace with technological developments.
24(BNA): A five-day training course focused on the I-link - an operational system that centralizes and continually enhances database features and helps make connections between seemingly unrelated investigations, by identifying common threads got underway today in Bahrain.
Al-Mullah explained that this training course in Islamic basics, which has been organised in cooperation with the human investment company, is a complement to series of training courses, lectures, and workshops that aim to add distinctive characteristics and significant values to employees.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Central city of Isfahan will host a training course for the Regional Disaster Response Teams (RDRT) of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) member states.
A training course was held in Sana'a earlier this month by the SEYAJ cooperative organization for childhood protection and the National Committee that deals with mines.
The forum included many working papers, among them, training course for physician trainees and how to identify their training needs, formation of behavioural objectives, methods of assessing training activities and programs that are designed and conducted in continuous professional development.
Machinery safety specialist PILZ AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY has published a new machinery safety training course schedule for 2011.
Summary: United Development Company is organizing a "fire-fighting, rescue and evacuation" training course.
Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Moamar, Saudi Ambassador to Tunisia, hailed the cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Tunisia particularly in the field of vocational training where a training course is currently held.

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