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tr.v. tra·ject·ed, tra·ject·ing, tra·jects
To transmit.

[Latin trāicere, trāiect-, to throw across : trā-, trāns-, trans- + iacere, to throw; see yē- in Indo-European roots.]

tra·jec′tion n.
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For instance, the trajection of a particle into space, the range of the moving object, force moving peak point, and the mass and acceleration of the moving object are dealt with and there are compiled and well-documented formulas.
Et peut-estre que la nature, qui est abondante dans ses moyens, pour obtenir ses fins, joint ces 2 causes ensemble, comme j'ay quelque penchant de croire a l'egard du mouvement des planetes, ou peut-estre la trajection propre et la circulation d'un ether deferant sont conciliables, et concilies effectivement, tout s'accomodant dans la nature.
In the USA, Nida (1964) lists five techniques for solving translation problems (Additions, Subtractions, Alterations, the Use of Footnotes and Adjustments of Language to Experience) and Malone (1988) brings forward ten trajections (Equation, Substitution, Divergence, Convergence, Amplification, Reduction, Diffusion, Condensation, Reordering and Recoding).