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How the trampers might have behaved, had the young ladies been more courageous, must be doubtful; but such an invitation for attack could not be resisted; and Harriet was soon assailed by half a dozen children, headed by a stout woman and a great boy, all clamorous, and impertinent in look, though not absolutely in word.
As the travellers had observed that day many indications of their drawing nearer and nearer to the race town, such as gipsy camps, carts laden with gambling booths and their appurtenances, itinerant showmen of various kinds, and beggars and trampers of every degree, all wending their way in the same direction, Mr Codlin was fearful of finding the accommodations forestalled; this fear increasing as he diminished the distance between himself and the hostelry, he quickened his pace, and notwithstanding the burden he had to carry, maintained a round trot until he reached the threshold.
One or two little houses, with the notice, 'Lodgings for Travellers', hanging out, had tempted me; but I was afraid of spending the few pence I had, and was even more afraid of the vicious looks of the trampers I had met or overtaken.
The trampers were worse than ever that day, and inspired me with a dread that is yet quite fresh in my mind.
Pickwick with a winning smile, 'but you was quite strangers to me; and we have such a many trampers that only come to see what they can lay their hands on, that really--'
In fact, no one can cope with him as a stark tramper of the wilderness.
Yer as good as there,' said the long-legged tramper, pointing out before him.
As the gateway to the Queen Charlotte track, Waikawa Bay is a sought-after location for holidaymakers, trampers and cyclists alike.
The non-Pollock trawl catcher-processors make 550 port calls in Alaska communities, including the main ports of Dutch Harbor, Kodiak, Sand Point, and Adak, where product is offloaded into break bulk trampers, container ships, or cold storage facilities, generating additional economic activity, Woodley says.