trample down

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w>trample down

vt sepheruntertreten, niedertreten
References in classic literature ?
If my happiness stands in his way--and if he can do it with impunity to himself--he will trample down my happiness.
Either they respect or they fear me, which is more likely, but they let me trample down the clover with my dogs, insult and obstruct every one, and I come back still more weary and low-spirited, that's all.
It was reserved for the first settlers of new England to perform achievements equally arduous, to trample down obstructions equally formidable, to dispel dangers equally terrific, under the single inspiration of conscience.
You've got to trample down every particle of your own feelings; for stop you cannot, you must not.
The feet that trample down your cities, where does he get them if they are not your own?
He stated government is poised to trample down its parliament like the elephants of Poris.
At one crossing point, protesters tried to trample down the barbed wire, only to be driven back by guards with bayonets.