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v. tram·pled, tram·pling, tram·ples
1. To beat down with the feet so as to crush, bruise, or destroy; tramp on.
2. To treat harshly or ruthlessly: would trample anyone who got in their way.
1. To tread heavily or destructively: trampling on the flowers.
2. To inflict injury as if by treading heavily: "trampling on the feelings of those about you" (Thornton Wilder).
The action or sound of trampling.

[Middle English tramplen, frequentative of trampen, to tramp; see tramp.]

tram′pler n.
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Noun1.trampler - someone who injures by tramplingtrampler - someone who injures by trampling  
bad person - a person who does harm to others
2.trampler - someone who walks with a heavy noisy gait or who stamps on the groundtrampler - someone who walks with a heavy noisy gait or who stamps on the ground
pedestrian, footer, walker - a person who travels by foot
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The thong's trampler apologized, the man said, but its owner threatened retaliation, and the groups began to feud.
Exposing India's double standards, he said that India which calls itself largest democracy of the world is the biggest trampler of human rights, adding, 'It is such a glaring hypocrisy and duplicity on part of India which cannot be justified on any count.
This prompted Bruce Trampler, Top Rank matchmaker, to approach the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC), at 7 p.
Wetland Trampler, Ironhide Bull And Direfang Alpha: Increased the number of spawn points and the spawn rate.
Shoppers barged their way into every store, grabbing what they wanted and dropping what they didn't on the floor to be destroyed by the next trampler.
So how did the crucible of the American Revolution, Massachusetts, become the trampler of civil rights?
Tanto que el vicepresidente de la empresa Top Rank, Bruce Trampler, escribio en su cuenta de Twitter que su muerte no le sorprendio: "No era como en un juego de dados.
Another feature of these concerts that is of interest are the performers, or in some cases, composers performing their own works; examples of performers represented include Bernard Greenhouse, Carlos Surinach, Bethany Beardslee, Gilbert Kalish, Walter Trampler, David Tudor, Russell Sherman, George Rochberg, Paul Jacobs, Leontyne Price, Jan DeGaetani, Bertram Turetzky, Robert Starer, and the Juilliard String Quartet.
He has made his reputation as a warmonger, a trampler of human rights, an executioner of those with dissenting voices and leader of questionable legitimacy," it said.