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 (trăm′pə-lēn′, -lĭn)
A strong, taut fabric attached with springs to a metal frame and used for gymnastic springing and tumbling.

[Spanish trampolín and Italian trampolino (Italian, from Spanish), from tràmpoli, stilts, of Germanic origin.]

tram′po·lin′er, tram′po·lin′ist n.


a person who performs feats of tumbling using a trampoline as a springboard. Also trampoliner. — trampoline, n.
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Other Olympians taking part in events include cyclist Elinor Barker, rowers Karen Bennett, Katie Greves and Helen Glover, cox Zoe de Toledo, swimmer Jazz Carlin, trampolinist Bryony Page and gymnast Amy Tinkler.
It capped a stunning week for the sport after Max Whitlock's double gold plus bronze in the all-around event and silver medals for Louis Smith and trampolinist Bryony Page.
A trampolinist will take anywhere from six to eight weeks before they're on set jumping," says head coach Dan Niehaus.
Luke hasn't just been his country's greatest trampolinist, the first British man to win a medal at a European championships for 32 years in 2014, he's been unquestionably the bravest.
A TRAMPOLINIST from Cardiff finished her last year as a junior gymnast on a high after scooping second place at the World Championships in Denmark.
Groove Thing will now join Russian-born trampolinist Vladimir Georgievsky from Swansea, 12-year-old singer Maia Gough from Skewen, and North Wales choir Ysgol Glanaethwy, all of whom have sailed through to the next round.
SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Coventry trampolinist Daniel Coupe has soared to victory in a national school competition.
Former diver and trampolinist Jon, plus thousands of fans on Twitter, tune in to see John's performance on Tumble every week.
My attitude is if I crash I crash," said the girl born with a collapsed lung, who would have been a trampolinist but kept passing out in mid-air so was advised to try another sport.
My mum was a trampolinist so I've always had the acrobatic bug.
For example, in the last 12 months I've met a one-eyed fisherman from Orkney who plopped his glass eye in my drink within 40 seconds of my arrival, I've made pals with a rum-wielding bearded man who kisses a frozen cod for tourists in Newfoundland, and had a crazy night in Great Yarmouth with a female Ukrainian contortionist and her mate, a Russian trampolinist called Vlad.
They chatter away like Loose Women on speed, offering insights into a family which, although close, has had more ups and downs than an Olympic trampolinist.