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v. tramped, tramp·ing, tramps
1. To walk with a firm, heavy step; trudge.
a. To travel on foot; hike.
b. To wander about aimlessly.
1. To traverse on foot: tramp the fields.
2. To tread down; trample: tramp down snow.
a. A heavy footfall.
b. The sound produced by heavy walking or marching.
2. A walking trip; a hike.
3. One who travels aimlessly about on foot, doing odd jobs or begging for a living; a vagrant.
a. A prostitute.
b. A person regarded as promiscuous.
5. Nautical A tramp steamer.
6. A metal plate attached to the sole of a shoe for protection, as when spading ground.

[Middle English trampen, to walk heavily, from Middle Low German.]

tramp′er n.
tramp′ish adj.
tramp′y adj.


adj, trampier or trampiest
slang (of a woman) disreputable, promiscuous
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Pupil Hanna Melichar added: "The huts are really trampy and there are a lot of them.
With a little help from the success of PC Boot, Trampy, Margot and friends, James created the animation company Storm Group, holding the rights to cartoons such as Paddington Bear, the Wombles and Astrofarm.
Trampy Tracy has had a lot worse swelling up in hers.
Go to wherever teenage clothing is sold, and there you'll find a plethora of trampy clothing.
Chart diva Christina Aguilera was declared too trampy, Sophie Wessex too frumpy and Ivana Trump too ``stuck in the 80s''.
If you're into trampy girls the best time to drop by is around 11 p.
Alf Barnett It's due to trampy people dumping rubbish in their gardens and being filthy.
Elsewhere trampy old trout Liz goes all out to prove to everyone that she's serious about her marriage to Vernon.
She added: "I have been called ugly, a slapper, a minger, a freak, trashy, trampy, thick, pointless, a bimbo, hideous and vile.