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Transgender: Several trans leaders spoke at the rally.

[Short for transgender.]


1. a prefix meaning “across,” “through,” occurring orig. in loanwords from Latin, used in particular to form verbs denoting movement or conveyance from place to place (transfer; transmit; transplant) or complete change (transform; transmute), or to form adjectives meaning “crossing,” “on the other side of,” or “going beyond” the place named (transmontane; transnational; trans-Siberian).
2. a prefix used in the names of chemical compounds that are geometric isomers having two identical atoms or groups attached on opposite sides of a molecule divided by a given plane of symmetry. Compare cis- (def. 2).
[< Latin, prefixal use of trāns (preposition) across, through]


1. transaction.
2. transfer.
3. transferred.
4. transformer.
5. transit.
6. transitive.
7. translated.
8. translation.
9. translator.
10. transparent.
11. transportation.
12. transpose.
13. transverse.


1. =translation
2. =translatedtrad.
3. =translator
4. =transitive
5. =transport(ation)
6. =transferred
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In a four-week Canadian study on 38 men, a diet high in natural trans fat (about 10 grams a day) raised LDL ("bad") cholesterol and lowered HDL ("good") cholesterol as much as the same amount of trans fat from partially hydrogenated oils.
Recently, the focus of trans commentary has shifted towards problematizing trans identities in terms of their emergence out of systemic power relations that privilege heteronormative masculinities, femininities, whiteness, nationalism and citizenship status, as well as middle class professionals (Spade 2006; Feinberg 2006).
Naturally occurring trans fats, which are found in meat, butter, milk and cheese, have different chemical structures than those found in partially hydrogenated oils.
The board of health approved a ban on all trans fat in local restaurants.
Stopping the use of trans fats is already voluntary, and restaurants can put up ``no trans fat'' decals on their own.
However, hydrogenation creates unnatural trans fats that have unhealthy effects on cholesterol concentrations in the blood (www.
How did you find a trans community, and how did you find a dyke community that welcomes trans women?
Trans fats have been shown to raise levels of LDL ("bad" cholesterol).
Trans fats are created when vegetable oil is hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated, a process that converts liquid oils into solid or semi-solid forms used in shortening and some margarines, including stick-style soy margarines.
39 Guillaume de Lorris, Roman de la rose lines 2165-68; trans.
The Maze of the Last One: A novel about the last Jewish family in Iraq , by Mohammad al-Ahmed, trans.
That's good news for your arteries, since gram for gram, trans fat raises the risk of heart disease even more than saturated fat does, and since preliminary studies suggest that trans may promote diabetes.