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 (trăn-săk′shən, -zăk′-)
1. The act of transacting or the fact of being transacted.
2. Something transacted, especially a business agreement or exchange.
3. Communication involving two or more people that affects all those involved; personal interaction: "a rich sense of the transaction between writer and reader" (William Zinsser).
4. transactions A record of business conducted at a meeting; proceedings.

trans·ac′tion·al adj.
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Noun1.transactions - a written account of what transpired at a meetingtransactions - a written account of what transpired at a meeting
written account, written record - a written document preserving knowledge of facts or events
minute book - a book in which minutes have been written
Congressional Record - a published written account of the speeches and debates and votes of the United States Congress
Hansard - the official published verbatim report of the proceedings of a parliamentary body; originally of the British Parliament; "the Canadian Hansard is published in both English and French"
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A statutory merger or consolidation was historically limited to transactions effected pursuant to the corporate laws of the U.
The IRS seeks to put a comprehensive strategy in place to (1) identify and deter promoters of abusive tax transactions; (2) publish guidance on transactions and shelters that are determined to be abusive; and (3) promote disclosure by those who market and participate in abusive transactions.
Decisions on incoterms, without the involvement of the transaction tax specialist, could be a financial risk, and failure to use incoterms to help structure tax-efficient international transactions could be an opportunity missed.
Crucial to the debate is the difficulty of clearly distinguishing between transactions that are abusive and transactions that are legitimate.
Workpapers supporting this evaluation often contain sensitive information about contingent or potential liability for transactions whose tax treatment may not be self-evident.
While electronic commerce offers speed, convenience, and cost advantages over traditional paper-based transactions, it raises many business and legal issues.
In California, businesses have been subject to, and governed by, the California Electronic Transactions Act since late 1999.
Conventional techniques to perform a point in time recovery will remove the effects of all transactions since that specified point in time.
Such a response would create artificial incentives to structure transactions on the basis of regulatory rules rather than of the economic characteristics of the transactions themselves.
Very low latency allows enterprises to include complex fraud detection logic in the path of transactions in real-time with no impact on service level agreements.
Abusive tax transactions involving exempt organizations are especially troubling because nonprofits, particularly charities, are seen as doing social good and relieving the burden of government.
For corporate taxpayers, the penalty is $200,000 for so-called listed transactions (LTs), including transactions "substantially similar" to a listed transaction; and $50,000 for all other RT categories.

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