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A transmitter and receiver housed together in a single unit and having some circuits in common, often for portable or mobile use.


(Telecommunications) a device which transmits and receives radio or electronic signals
[C20: from trans(mitter) + (re)ceiver]


(trænˈsi vər)

a radio transmitter and receiver combined in one unit.
[1935–40; trans (mitter) + (re) ceiver]


[trænˈsiːvəʳ] Ntransceptor m, transmisor-receptor m


nSender-Empfänger m, → Sende-Empfangsgerät nt
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The transceiver can be deployed in data links with spans of up to 120 kilometers.
A transceiver or Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) converts the parallel data to serial data.
Sirific Wireless Limited is a privately held fabless semiconductor company that designs and develops CMOS RF transceiver integrated circuits for multi-mode mobile devices.
To simplify manufacturing for handset makers, the Aero IIe transceiver employs a unique dual-transmitter architecture for EDGE that eliminates the transmit SAW from conventional linear architectures without the calibration complexity of existing polar radios.
Fourth graph, second sentence of release should read: Since the initial demonstrations in March 2006, Picolight has sampled 8/10G 850nm SFP+ transceivers to more than 12 strategic customers and partners (sted Since the initial Picolight Demonstrates Industry's First 10GBASE-LRM SFP+ Transceiver demonstrations in March 2006, Picolight has sampled 8/10G 850nm SFP+ transceivers to more than 12 strategic customers and partners).
This highly integrated transceiver module will enable network equipment manufacturers to increase port density and system data throughput and consequently reduce costs per Gigabit per second.
With the MRF24J40 transceiver, Microchip now offers a complete ZigBee protocol platform through the addition of a highly integrated RF transceiver that requires very few external components.
Two New Direct Conversion Transceivers Offer High Integration and Outstanding RF Performance to Enable Low-Cost WiMAX Terminals with Expanded Coverage and Improved Quality of Service
Delta already has an optical transceiver business unit and can focus on expanding that business with additional product lines and future cost-effectiveness.
In 2005, its shipment reached 182 million flakes and its CDMA transceiver shared over 80% of the market.
NASDAQ:CTLM), a leading provider of broadband access solutions, bolsters its last mile broadband access leadership in the optical access transceiver market, by expanding its fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) semiconductor product portfolio.

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