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tr.v. tran·sect·ed, tran·sect·ing, tran·sects
To divide by cutting transversely.
A usually straight line along which measurements or observations are made at regular intervals, as for purposes of ecological study.

tran·sec′tion n.


n. corte transversal a través del eje largo de un órgano.
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Disrupting nerve fibers to the adrenal glands by high-level, but not low-level, thoracic spinal-cord transection resulted in almost complete suppression of circulating norepinephrine levels and profound stimulation of systemic corticosterone levels.
A CTA head was then performed, which demonstrated basilar artery transection with active contrast extravasation into the prepontine cistern (Figure 3).
Achieving substantial recovery following a complete spinal cord tear, or transection, is an as-yet unmet challenge.
Tenders Are Invited for Engagement of a Transection Advisor for, Engagement of a Operation & Management (O& M) Partner for Running of Its Two Assam Based Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited (Hpc) Units I.
In two cases, there was transection of the body at the level of abdomen, in one of which the chest structure also was injured.
Of the cases that were described, transection was most common, and the majority of the injuries occurred at the pelvic brim.
In avian species, the most common sites for pelvic limb amputation are transection of the proximal tarsometatarsus and midfemur.
Tour said the material reliably allowed motor and sensory neuronal signals to cross the gap 24 hours after complete transection of the spinal cord and almost perfect motor control recovery after two weeks.
David, who was born with a spinal cord transection that left him unable to use his legs, admits it will be hard to top the glory of London 2012.
After full mobilisation, parenchymal transection was performed using a Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator (CUSA).