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Noun1.transfer of training - application of a skill learned in one situation to a different but similar situationtransfer of training - application of a skill learned in one situation to a different but similar situation
learning, acquisition - the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge; "the child's acquisition of language"
stimulus generalisation, stimulus generalization, generalisation, generalization - (psychology) transfer of a response learned to one stimulus to a similar stimulus
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Transfer of training is a vital field of study for training researc hers and professionals in light of the fact that it is estimated that just a little rate of the training really brings about transfer to the job.
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The world is witnessing a series of challenges ranging from Globalisation; technological advancement; talent wars in recruitments and selections to retention of high of high performers are some of the reasons why organisations hope for sound transfer of training.
Key words Transfer of training, Supervisor support, Communication, Malay Malaysia
Extant research shows that the ability of supervisors to properly implement their role in training programmes may lead to a higher degree of the transfer of training (Smith-Jentsch, Salas & Brannick 2001, Gumuseli & Ergin 2002, Arthur, Bennett, Edens & Bell 2003).
In the clinical context, transfer of training is of paramount concern as many efficacious and/or promising psychosocial treatments do not necessarily transfer from the clinical research environment (Corrigan & McCracken, 1997; Milne, Dudley, Repper & Milne, 2001).
Secondly, it has been suggested that 22% of barriers relating to transfer of training are programme design characteristics (Foxon, 1993), which have an indirect effect on learning outcomes (Goldstein & Ford, 2002).
Originating in industrial psychology, (6) transfer of training means to convey or remove from one person, place or situation to another.
Transfer of training also is defined as the effective and continuing application of newly acquired skills on the job.
Factors Affecting Transfer of Training in Thailand" (Siriporn Yamnill, Gary N.
This document contains three papers on transfer of training and human resources.
The purposes of the study were to describe the extent to which developmentally appropriate practices were used in grades K-3 in four schools, and to describe the role of the principals in influencing the developmentally appropriate practices to the theory of transfer of training.

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