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1. Variant of transfer..
2. Law Variant of transfer..


or trans•fer•ral

(trænsˈfɜr əl)

transference; transfer.
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Law. A making over of legal ownership or title:
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The Society was established in 1997 as an Arab professional body concerned with licensing issues and transferal of technology, withthataim of providing technical assistance to specialists and stakeholders in Arab countries, seeking to invest in human capabilities to create a group of qualified Arab experts in the field of licensing and technology transferring, Economic development of the Arab world through the promotion, facilitation and enforcement of intellectual property licenses and investment in research and development.
Minister of Culture and Information, Awwad bin Saleh Al-Awwad, said in his statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that the Cabinet had reviewed the Justice Ministry's submissions on the transferal of commercial disputes from the jurisdiction of the Board of Grievances to specialized commercial courts, which he described as "a great leap forward" in the Kingdom's legal system.
The consultation also seeks residents' views on the transferal of existing Designated Public Place Orders, which also give police the power to confiscate alcohol, to PSPOs in Maesteg, Pencoed and Porthcawl and the replacement of existing gating orders in Maesteg and Caerau.
The official reason for the transferal of attack aircraft from the al-Nayrab Airbase to the Kuweires Airbase is unknown at this time.
The South Sudan's government has however denied having kept them in their custody, despite their presence in their security headquarter in Juba and later their transferal to an unknown location.
The STELLAR program builds the capacity of teaching professionals through training and transferal of knowledge and skills.
My dad's time in hospital there, and the consequent transferal of care, totalled a bill of somewhere around $70,000 (around PS45,000).
Will the ministry request additional money during the registration transferal procedures due to the problems stemming from the computer algorithm's selection in the TEOG system?
A concern with community acquired methicillin-resistant aureus has emerged because of the possibility that fomites may play a significant role in the transferal of S.
One of those arrested,AymanMaher, who is also a member ofMisrAl-QawiaParty, was taken to an unknown location following his arrest and transferal toQasrAl-Nil police station, according to Revolutionary Frontspokesman MohamedElbaker, who added that personnel at the station denied his presence when asked about him.
and Lebanon's military partnership includes the transferal of sophisticated equipment and training.