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v. trans·formed, trans·form·ing, trans·forms
1. To change markedly the appearance or form of: "A thick, fibrous fog had transformed the trees into ghosts and the streetlights into soft, haloed moons" (David Michael Kaplan).
2. To change the nature, function, or condition of; convert: A steam engine transforms heat into mechanical energy. See Synonyms at convert.
3. Mathematics To subject to a transformation.
4. Electricity To subject to the action of a transformer.
5. Genetics To subject (a cell) to transformation.
To undergo a transformation.
n. (trăns′fôrm′)
The result, especially a mathematical quantity or linguistic construction, of a transformation.

[Middle English transformen, from Old French transformer, from Latin trānsfōrmāre : trāns-, trans- + fōrma, form.]

trans·form′a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.transformable - capable of being changed in substance as if by alchemytransformable - capable of being changed in substance as if by alchemy; "is lead really transmutable into gold?"; "ideas translatable into reality"
commutable - subject to alteration or change; "the death sentence was commutable to life imprisonment"
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Functional planning of the premises of the health campus aims at zoning, unbundling of office and patient work, integration of services, and in shared and transformable premises.
This transformable creation offers a pure and slender aesthetic, with a smooth hoop and pronounced openwork to optimize the circulation of light.
Qsuite offers a fully transformable suite of seats that allows parties of two, three or four to create their own unique space within the business class cabin.
The birth of Gerwalk, or the transformable robotic fighter aircraft half-mode in the mecha anim franchise 'Macross,' is a story that creator Shoji Kawamori loves to tell fans.
One-Pot Classic Chicken Noodle Soup: The easy to make soup recipe is popular because of its ingredients- chicken broth, vegetables, and noodles - that are easily transformable depending on the recipe.
Design and transformable furniture maximizes every inch of the building at Academy Street between Summit and Baldwin that is being developed by Smart Living Development, LLC, an entity formed by KSNY and Strategic Properties,
Recently the airline revealed its latest premium class product "Qsuite," a fully transformable suite of seats that allows parties of two, three or four to create their own unique space within the Business Class cabin.
Cuban artist Sandu Darie's painted wood Transformable Structure, ca.
The opportunities to move all of the control systems onboard combined with new actuation systems already being developed for similar origami-like structures really opens up the design space for these easily deployable transformable structures," said Weaver.
To highlight the transformability of this technology, the transformable TV can change its shape based on content it is displaying.
It's a transformable canvas for designers that are transforming themselves, and it appears to be working.
Todo lo demas es transformable, a condicion de que lo hagamos sabiendo que la gran estructura no puede tirarse de una dia para otro.

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