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 (trăns-hyo͞o′məns, trănz-)
Transfer of livestock from one grazing ground to another, as from lowlands to highlands, with the changing of seasons.

[French, from transhumer, to move livestock seasonally, from Spanish trashumar : Latin trāns-, trans- + Latin humus, ground; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots.]

trans·hu′mant adj. & n.


(Agriculture) the seasonal migration of livestock to suitable grazing grounds
[C20: from French, from transhumer to change one's pastures, from Spanish trashumar, from Latin trans- + humus ground]
transˈhumant adj


(trænsˈhyu məns, trænz-; often -ˈyu-)

the seasonal migration of livestock, and the people who tend them, between lowlands and adjacent mountains.
[1900–05; < French, =transhum(er) to shift ground + -ance -ance]
trans•hu′mant, adj.


the seasonal migration of livestock and those who tend livestock between mountain and valley, as practiced in Switzerland. — transhumant, adj.
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n (Agr) → Transhumanz f
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Livestock transhumance is a traditional practice used by sheep and cow herders to find better weather conditions and natural pasture during winter and summer for their animals.
Component 2: Support to natural resources management, transhumance and security of herders (pastoral households) (US$25 million IDA)
Et pour cause, il y a un [beaucoup moins que]manque de coherence entre les membres du Conseils, sans parler de la transhumance et la multiplicite des conflits au sein du groupe de la majorite-[beaucoup plus grand que].
In this context, from May 17 to June 9, a large-scale transhumance event took place, which featured the gathering of huge flocks of sheep (Figure) that had passed through many towns in the vicinity of Marseille.
The recent survey around Oglanqala indicates that the societies encountered by Urartu in the Naxcivan area were large, complex communities focused on controlling trade and pastoral transhumance routes.
The first project concerns the irrigation of the Asjen zone in Ouezzane while the second one aims at organizing transhumance in the semi-Saharan and Saharan zones of Sous Massa Deraa and Guelmim Es-Smara.
The Caravan' is transhumance," it reads, "procession, vision, safari .
The relatively fewer Fulanis practice transhumance, mainly animal husbandry.
Ostrom and collaborators have indeed documented many interesting cases in which long lasting institutional systems (eg the irrigation systems in Bali [Lansing, 1991, 2012; Lansing and Kremer, 1993] or traditional transhumance in India [Chakrabarti, 2011]) have been 'reformed' with the best intentions in mind, only to tragically discover later the importance played by various rules that were thought to be mere traditional relics with no real utility (Hayek, 1967, 1979; Ostrom, 1990; Ostrom, Gardner and Walker, 1994; Boettke, 1996).
Cette transhumance est aussi celle que l'on reserve a certains objets que l'on peut sortir sur la pelouse pour organiser un loppis.
A horsewoman leads sheep during a simulation of a transhumance as part of festivities to mark Marseille- Provence being named the European Capital of Culture in Marseille, France.
The Borana pastoralists have been practicing transhumance to counter seasonal fluctuations in forage and water resources.