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 (trăn′zē-ənt, -zhənt, -shənt)
1. Passing with time; transitory: "the transient beauty of youth" (Lydia M. Child).
2. Remaining in a place only a brief time: transient laborers.
3. Physics Decaying with time, especially as a simple exponential function of time.
1. One that is transient, especially a hotel guest or boarder who stays for only a brief time.
2. Physics A transient phenomenon or property, especially a transient electric current.

[Alteration of Latin trānsiēns, trānseunt-, present participle of trānsīre, to go over : trāns-, over; see trans- + īre, to go; see ei- in Indo-European roots.]

tran′si·ent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.transiently - for a very short timetransiently - for a very short time; "these three pions may actually be joined together transiently as a compound particle during the interchange process"
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I WON'T bear with you, if I can alter you,' replied my mother: but the harshness of her words was undone by the earnest affection of her tone and pleasant smile, that made my father smile again, less sadly and less transiently than was his wont.
Tulliver looked at them all three alternately with a startled gaze; the idea that much had happened of which he knew nothing had often transiently arrested him before, but it came upon him now with entire novelty.
But the tie which, through their common calamity, had united the feelings of these simple dwellers in the woods with the strangers who had thus transiently visited them, was not so easily broken.
He had a sense of hot sunshine upon sand, of the children of it least transiently opulent holiday makers in a circle round about him, of the whisper, "They are really gentlemen," and then dollop, dollop came the coppers in the hat.
Importantly, mice born from transiently colonized mothers exhibited higher numbers of innate lymphoid cell populations in the intestine compared to offspring from untreated germ-free mothers.
By employing a protocol in which two important genes can be transiently induced in undifferentiated stem cells, the researchers at IRIBHM were able to efficiently push the differentiation of stem cells into thyrocytcs, the primary cell type responsible for thyroid hormone production in the thyroid gland.
When injected under the skin, rHuPH20 transiently generates channels in tissues underlying the outer layers of the skin to boost the absorption and spread of injected drugs.
We propose that any future therapy would involve turning off p21 transiently during the healing process and only locally at the wound site.
Activation of NF-kappaB dependent transcription was assessed in cell cultures transiently transfected with NF-kappaB controlled reporter constructs.
But few studies have assessed reasons for discontinuations in patients who use warfarin transiently.
We plated ZFL cells in 12-well dishes and transiently transfected them with 1 [micro]g of plA1Luc using TransFast Reagent (Promega) according to manufacturer's instructions.
Although other researchers have reached lower temperatures either transiently or in one or two dimensions, this represents the lowest temperature yet attained involving the motion of atoms in three dimensions.