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Noun1.transit line - a line providing public transittransit line - a line providing public transit  
bus line - an organization responsible for operating a bus transportation system
line - a commercial organization serving as a common carrier
public transit - a public transportation system for moving passengers
trolley line - a transit line using streetcars or trolley buses
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Serco Group says its North American division had joined SNC-Lavalin - the preferred bidder for a proposed rapid-rail transit line in Canada - in a contract which is expected to generate annual revenues of between 16 million and 20 million Canadian dollars (pounds 6.
TAC is also installing new cameras on the Ben Franklin Bridge to monitor the transit line.
On 26th September, Ningbo Rail Transit Line 2 was opened for trial operation.
Like our tunnel-tie project for a different northeast-based transit line, this rehabilitation project specifies all ECOTRAX ties," noted AXION's Cory Burdick, Director for the ECOTRAX rail products division.
Lane County construction firms will receive an infusion of federal money early next year as work gets under way on the Gateway bus rapid transit line in Springfield.
has begun an orderly and phased shutdown of the Prudhoe Bay oil field following the discovery of unexpectedly severe corrosion and a small spill from a Prudhoe Bay oil transit line.
To provide these services, the Authority maintains 204 bus routes, 4 rapid transit lines of heavy and light rail, 1 bus rapid transit line, 4 trackless trolley lines, 11 commuter rail lines, 5 ferry routes, and a flexible paratransit service.
A future EmX bus rapid transit line to west Eugene will - or won't - traverse the residential stretch of West 11th Avenue between Lane Transit District's downtown station and Garfield Street.
With the proposed new line to Culver City and the proposed subway to Santa Monica, what better north-south transit line could be built than along the 405, or even the once proposed Reseda Boulevard extension to Santa Monica?
The new American dream is that you can live within walking distance of a rail line or a bus rapid transit line," he said.
announces today the release of a new software package for its weapons detection camera specifically designed to identify suspicious large objects hidden beneath a person's clothing, which could be explosives, for mass transit applications such as the recently uncovered terrorist plot targeting New York and New Jerseys' PATH transit line connecting Exchange Place station in New Jersey to the World Trade Center station in New York.
The Pink MRT line is a planned elevated mass rapid transit line to be built in Bangkok, Thailand.