transition element

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transition element

Any of the metallic elements within Groups 3 through 12 in the Periodic Table that have an incomplete inner electron shell and that serve as transitional links between the most and the least electropositive in a series of elements. They are characterized by multiple valences, colored compounds, and the ability to form stable complex ions. Also called transition metal.

transition element


transition metal

(Elements & Compounds) chem any element belonging to one of three series of elements with atomic numbers between 21 and 30, 39 and 48, and 57 and 80. They have an incomplete penultimate electron shell and tend to exhibit more than one valency and to form complexes

transi′tion el`ement

any element in the four series of chemical elements with atomic numbers 21–29, 39–47, 57–79, and 89–107, that in a given inner orbital has less than a full quota of electrons. Also called transi′tion met`al.

tran·si·tion element

Any of the metallic elements within Groups 3 through 12 in the Periodic Table. All the transition metals have two electrons in their outermost shell, and all but zinc, cadmium, and mercury have an incompletely filled inner electron orbital just beneath the outer orbital. Transition elements form alloys easily, have high melting points, and have more than one valence because of their incomplete inner shells. See Periodic Table. See Note at metal.
prijelazni element

transition element

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From the aforementioned (9) and (14), the assumed displacement fields of the p-convergent transition element can be expressed as
Later, arbitrary 2-dimensional polygonal elements were developed [10-12], due to their advantages over the conventional elements, such as immunity to mesh distortion, flexibility during mesh generation, good candidate to represent polycrystalline materials, and being used as transition element during meshing.
As a result of the differences in rail geometries, a W-beam to Thriebeam transition element is typically used to connect and provide continuity between the two rail sections.
This paper illustrates both the capacity error and the numerical error that can result from improper handling of the transition element in an elemental heat exchanger model.
Staffing is a significant transition element that must be addressed.
The concentrated stains produce a full spectrum of colors derived from earth elements in the metals and transition element group, and from ores, and refined chemicals.
Nearly all the results are for K shell ionization of transition element thin films, no doubt because they are easy to prepare.
Consequently, beyond the infinitesimal range around the value of a transition element, elasticities will change.
As a consequence of the conservation of elasticity at a node, each loop has a "characteristic elasticity," which is defined as the elasticity of the transition element that is unique to that loop.
1 ppm for a transition element, that's a big improvement.
Each of the loops should contain at least one transition element that is unique to that loop, i.
This call for tenders calls for a comprehensive, long-term renewal of the entire network transition elements.

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