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 (trăn′sĭ-tôr′ē, trăn′zĭ-)
Existing or lasting only a short time; short-lived or temporary: "the disorder of his life: the succession of cities, of transitory loves" (Carson McCullers).

[Middle English transitorie, from Old French transitoire, from Late Latin trānsitōrius, from Latin, having a passageway, from trānsitus, passage; see transit.]

tran′si·to′ri·ly adv.
tran′si·to′ri·ness n.
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Adv.1.transitorily - for a very brief timetransitorily - for a very brief time    
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At the beginning of the AIDS epidemic it was found that vaccination could transitorily increase HIV viral load.
Kin, country, and totems are considered parts of a person (Wilkins 1993:74), and it is these parts of the self that, captured by the brilliance of the design, transitorily emerge from within the body through the skin.
The Castle of Otranto is undoubtedly exploitative with its various objects of horror that are simply there, not for the advancement of the plot, but for the facile thrill they may transitorily offer.
Importantly, a study showed that PI and transitorily infected animals were still present in vaccinated herds, indicating that vaccination alone is insufficient for eliminating infection (DEZEN et al.
When networks do not cover the entire national territory, either transitorily, or due to license conditions, the number of operators required to increase coverage beyond the licensed zone, entails national roaming agreements.
In this way, a counterfactual that changes the average growth rate regime implicitly considers an alternate history that changes factors that persistently alter consumption dynamics--such as financial constraints, fiscal policy, or changes in productivity--rather than those that only transitorily alter consumption growth, such as weather.
Krugman (1987) and Ros and Skott (1998) examine how a transitorily higher real wage resulting from a real appreciation can lead to a permanent reduction of the real wage in the long run in the presence of increasing returns to scale.
only transitorily in distress and continue to identify with their prior
Preference was transitorily extreme toward the source of the food just after a food delivery, an effect documented as "pulse of preference" (Davison and Baum 2003).
The Miranda River (or Rio Miranda) is characterized by moderate to strong currents, entangled side branches, transitorily exposed sand banks, and floating mats of aquatic plants (Eichhornia azurea, E.
If epic is a genre of the past in the tight grip of fate, and lyric a genre of the transitorily present, then theater--for all its apparent present-tenseness--permits us to experiment with tomorrow (80-82).
A persistent problem in analyzing lower-income families is that some part of the group is quite wealthy but has either realized substantial losses or otherwise has transitorily low income and another part of the group has wealth that is negative or close to zero.