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Noun1.transmission mechanism - any mechanism whereby an infectious agent is spread from a reservoir to a human being
airborne transmission - a transmission mechanism in the which the infectious agent is spread as an aerosol and usually enters a person through the respiratory tract
direct transmission - a transmission mechanism in which the infectious agent is transferred directly into the body via touching or biting or kissing or sexual intercourse or by droplets entering the eye or nose or mouth
indirect transmission - a transmission mechanism in which the infectious agent is transferred to the person by a fomite of vector
mechanism - a natural object resembling a machine in structure or function; "the mechanism of the ear"; "the mechanism of infection"
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A cutting edge, "off-line" signal transmission mechanism, experimentally demonstrated just a few years ago, is now on-line as a real-time bidirectional transmission system, the company said.
It led to a serious disruption of the monetary transmission mechanism and prevented our accommodative policy stance from reaching the economy.
I think what, as a member of the MPC, I care about is understanding the transmission mechanism, making sure it works.
Her extensive and varied academic experience - on the monetary transmission mechanism, the dynamics of productivity, trade, housing issues as well as wage dynamics, to name just a few -- will be invaluable to the Committee as it seeks to promote the good of the people of the United Kingdom through maintaining monetary stability.
S&P said that the positive outlook reflects its view that "we could upgrade Cyprus within the next 12 months if its reduction of currently high levels of non-performing loans accelerates, indicating a convergence of Cyprus' credit and monetary conditions, including the monetary transmission mechanism, with those of the eurozone".
5 This may have implications for transmission mechanism of monetary policy and could impair the central bank's signaling of monetary policy stance [Krause and Rioja (2006)].
The monetary base has increased dramatically, along with the size of the Fed's balance sheet, but the monetary transmission mechanism is plugged up by interest on excess reserves, macro-prudential regulation (including, e.
For this reason, this research focuses on the optimal design problems of the multilink transmission mechanism in the conceptual design phase.
Every crisis has a distinct key leverage transmission mechanism.
The key transmission mechanism for the GCC is the euro exchange rate against the US dollar, and we expect further weakness on this front, with the EUR forecast to reach parity on a six month view," said Khatija Haque, Head of MENA Research at Emirates NBD.
29] Impacts of the financial crisis on the transmission mechanism re analysed, for example in the Report on Financial Stability published by the International Monetary Fund [23].
The monetary transmission mechanism refers to a process through which monetary policy decisions affect the level of economic activity and the inflation rate.

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