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 (trăns-mĭsh′ən, trănz-)
a. The act or process of transmitting.
b. The fact of being transmitted.
2. Something, such as a message, that is transmitted.
3. An assembly, as in a motor vehicle, that transmits power from an engine to a driving axle, usually having a manually or automatically adjustable mechanism to control the balance of power and speed. Also called gearbox.
4. The sending of a signal, picture, or other information from a transmitter.

[Latin trānsmissiō, trānsmissiōn-, a sending across, from trānsmissus, past participle of trānsmittere, to transmit; see transmit.]

trans·mis′sive (-mĭs′ĭv) adj.
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It was a typical summer evening in June, the atmosphere being in such delicate equilibrium and so transmissive that inanimate objects seemed endowed with two or three senses, if not five.
Toppan Printing, headquartered in Japan and the world's largest printing company with almost 49,000 employees, recently presented their latest research at this year's Optical Document Security[TM] conference in San Francisco, entitled Transmissive Ultra-Fine Multi-Colour Optical features for DOVIDs Utilising Surface Plasmon Resonance.
Among the topics are the transmissive self and transmissive objects in the age of globalization, towards a hermeneutic framework for analyzing the imagination of future threats, the satisfaction of comical fantasy in the Holocaust film comedies of the late 1990s, the fantasy of the archive: an analysis of Orhan Pamuk's The Museum of Innocence, a transdisciplinary textual analysis of the digital meta-dissemination of fear in the music videos Marching Song by Esben and the Witch and Born Free by M.
LED lighting has been integrated into light transmissive carpet to help guide people around buildings, including towards safety exits.
4-inch QVGA LCD Transmissive screen with 320x240p resolution and it is powered by a 1200 mAh battery which can give back up to 20 hours of 2G talk time and six hours on 3G.
This is a perfect example of a device that could benefit from a transflective display - a "hybrid display" with both transmissive and reflective display characteristics.
The new reflective HTPS panels are based on the proven, reliable structure used for transmissive HTPS panels.
2" 240 x 320 (QVGA) Transmissive display and an external 1.
An 88 percent transmissive panel that enhances readability.
The company has introduced an extension of its Wyko NT Series optical profilers, developed to measure through glass and other transmissive media.
The new handheld RF remote features an enhanced transmissive LCD display and electronics for improved processing and ease of use.