(trăns′ō-shē-ăn′ĭk, trănz′-)
1. Situated beyond or on the other side of the ocean.
2. Spanning or crossing the ocean.


1. on or from the other side of an ocean
2. crossing an ocean


(ˌtræns oʊ ʃiˈæn ɪk, ˌtrænz-)

1. extending across or traversing the ocean: a transoceanic cable.
2. situated or living beyond the ocean.
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Adj.1.transoceanic - on or from the other side of an oceantransoceanic - on or from the other side of an ocean; "transoceanic crossing"


adj travelnach Übersee; countriesüberseeisch; migrationüber den Ozean
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Even prior to this, transoceanic commerce had practically ceased, owing to the perils and hazards of the mine-strewn waters of both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
One of the two, Scott Darden, 45, is an employee at the New Orleans-based logistics company Transoceanic Development.
Ultimate capacity upgrade is optimized through different wavelength bit rate for regional (400G) and transoceanic (300G) distances.
Gulfstream takes G650 on maiden transoceanic voyage Gulfstream's new G650 jet completed its first transoceanic flight, from Washington to Geneva in six hours and 55 minutes.
NEW YORK, April 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The New York - Barcelona Transoceanic Sailing Record, a new oceanic test that will establish the first sailing record between New York and Barcelona, began today at 2:33pm (ET) with the departure of the Imoca Open 60 Estrella Damm at 2:33:18pm, followed by W Hotels at 2:35:48pm, from Ambrose Light, 25 miles south of New York's port.
The PWC Logistics group of companies, which includes some of the most prominent names in the global logistics industry, including GeoLogistics, TransOceanic, and Trans-Link, 10 days ago announced it is re-branding the company by unveiling a new company name and logo, Agility.
Normally, Navy aircrews have territorial airspace and boundaries drilled into their heads during transoceanic passage.
for margarine and yogurt), and wire/cable coatings--including transoceanic cables.
Delta said that it will reduce the number of flight attendants on transoceanic Boeing 767ER flights from eight to seven from 31 January, while the Boeing 777 operated on routes to Japan will have nine instead of ten flight attendants onboard.
Specialist port company PD Teesport has won a contract with freight firm TransOceanic Projects to supply parts for the Buzzard oilfield rigs.
He reports that data garnered during more than 95 recent transoceanic research cruises suggest that much carbon dioxide ended up in the oceans as well.
Hailing from Europe's Caspian Sea, the fingernail-size zebra mussel, a mollusk with a razor-sharp black-striped shell, hit North America in 1988--via a transoceanic tanker.