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tr.v. trans·port·ed, trans·port·ing, trans·ports
1. To move or carry (goods, for example) from one place to another; convey. See Synonyms at carry.
2. To cause to feel strong emotion, especially joy; carry away; enrapture.
3. To send abroad to a penal colony; deport.
n. (trăns′pôrt′)
1. The act of transporting; conveyance.
2. The condition of being transported by emotion; joy or rapture.
3. A ship or aircraft used to transport troops or military equipment.
4. A vehicle, such as an aircraft, used to transport passengers, mail, or freight.
a. The system of transporting passengers or goods in a particular country or area.
b. The vehicles, such as buses and trains, used in such a system.
6. A deported convict.

[Middle English transporten, from Old French transporter, from Latin trānsportāre : trāns-, trans- + portāre, to carry; see per- in Indo-European roots.]

trans·port′a·bil′i·ty n.
trans·port′a·ble adj.
trans·port′er n.
trans·por′tive adj.


The capability of material to be moved by towing, self-propulsion, or carrier via any means, such as railways, highways, waterways, pipelines, oceans, and airways.
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Today s conflicts demand military vehicles with the protection, mobility and transportability to serve a full range of missions and unpredictable environments.
The models have been designed to offer a combination of improved productivity, operator comfort, and ease of transportability, according to Bobcat.
Lippmann custom engineers portable impact crushing plants mounted on heavy duty chassis which incorporate robust feeding, crushing, screening and conveying equipment designed for high productivity, easy transportability, quick set-up and tear down, and reduced wear costs.
The Lockheed Martin Team's JLTV is systems-engineered to provide the crew protection of mine resistant ambush protected vehicles, while returning crucial mobility, reliability and transportability to soldiers and marines.
Built on the industry's leading open-source technologies and leveraging the latest industry standards, the FICO Analytic Cloud is designed to support data transportability, open modeling and analytics best practices.
Additionally, LSInc provides effective packaging, handling, and transportability (PHT) oversight of each cargo transport mission, thus ensuring the DoD receives safe, secure, high quality service.
With extraordinary mobility, performance and transportability (including CH/MH-47 internally transportable), AM General's innovative GMV 1.
Please remind your readers that restraint guidance Is available and /trust be used by anyone responsible for transportation and deployment- This Is even more critical when moving items defined as transportability problem items (TPIs).
The new Cat Pipelayers (models PL83 and PL87) retain the basic design of their predecessors, while answering customer needs for increased lift capacity, enhanced slope capability, ease of operation, performance and transportability.
The Division evaluates the transportability characteristics of military materiel to ensure equipment moves safely and efficiently by current or future transportation assets.
of lift-capacity and capability to meet the pipeline contractor's requirements for precision control, transportability, operator comfort, visibility and durability.
The transportability of the Carina makes patient transfer seamless and expedient especially when a patient requires nor-invasive support" said Ed Coombs, MA RRT, Director, Critical Care and Ventilation for Draeger Medical, Inc.

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