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Adj.1.transvestic - receiving sexual gratification from wearing clothing of the opposite sex
homosexual - sexually attracted to members of your own sex
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Susan Wright, Depathologizing Consensual Sexual Sadism, Sexual Masochism, Transvestic Fetishism, and Fetishism, 39 ARCHIVES SEXUAL BEHAV.
As Richard Cavell notes, the teaching context is far from being "a unified space"; it is not a site of knowledge transfer from teacher to student, but, "a number of transvestic sites that are produced by and through the agendas of those who participate in it, including the instructor" (101).
2 13 Frotteristic 2 Factitious 2 Reactive attachment 2 Sexual masochism 3 Sexual sadism 4 Tic/tourette's 4 Dissociative amnesia 5 Narcolepsy 7 Medication-induced 7 Transvestic 7 Autism 11 Actual Use (3 months) Used Refrained Disorder n % n % Anxiety, unspecified 4 44.
The common Paraphilias include frotteurism, pedophilia, exhibitionism; voyeurism; fetishism; transvestic fetishism; sexual masochism; sexual sadism.
Though criticized and overlooked, Ovid's transvestic, lovelorn letters from Greek heroines to their absent heroes give an enlightening perspective to the well-known stories.
Such complications often take advantage of the attractive edginess of transvestic stories in our culture, despite loosening attitudes: the thrill of the outre and forbidden, of crossing lines and breaking rules.
The fetish objects are not limited to female clothing (as in transvestic fetishism) or devices specifically designed for the purpose of tactile genital stimulation (e.
32) In the figure of the boy, late-Victorian lesbians found a kind of sexual freedom ranging from aggressive desire to passionate reception: "He represented action without responsibility, a transvestic disguise that permitted either sexual or emotional aggression or childlike responsiveness" (Vicinus, p.
One might argue that Transvestic Fetishism should not be excluded from protection under the ADA because, unlike other sexual disorders such as voyeurism and pedophilia, it does not involve either "the suffering or humiliation of oneself or one's partner" or "children or other nonconsenting persons.