travel iron

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: iron - a small lightweight iron that can be carried while travelingtravel iron - a small lightweight iron that can be carried while traveling
smoothing iron, iron - home appliance consisting of a flat metal base that is heated and used to smooth cloth
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In this burglary, a travel iron, a green microwave, green toaster, as well as assorted food and items of clothing, were stolen.
The First Class Travel Iron and the Ultra-steam Steambrush, designed by Rowenta, are compact and will keep students' clothing fresh and wrinkle free throughout the school year.
Make sure your clothes look their best by packing this Essentials CE10TIR10 travel iron from Currys.
We are increasingly noticing men coming into our stores to pick up last-minute travel essentials, such as a hairdryer and travel iron, before they board the plane," he added.
Morphy Richards 41540 mouse travel iron, pounds 43.
DON'T bother packing your gym clothes, hair straightener, travel iron or laptop for your hols - chances are they'll never be taken out of the suitcase.
For example, Rowenta just released a travel iron, a first for the company.
Be sure to bring adapters for your hair dryer and travel iron if traveling outside the U.
Even more so over the forecast period as travel becomes increasingly frequent and common and consumers will buy a travel iron in addition to their normal iron.
So, if she can just remember to pack a travel iron - or maybe a lacky with a travel iron - next time, it's all good.
Guests have all been sent a detailed "orientation pack" and told to pack lots of glamorous outfits - as well as mosquito repellent and a travel iron.